Hi! I’m Jay
I’m 33 years old living in the Netherlands.
I’ve been a computer enthousiast for as long as I can remember.
Unfortunately I have no formal education what so ever. I have always wanted to study but circumstances made it difficult for me to do so.
Since I am doing a lot better now I decided to try and learn again and did recently attend a coding bootcamp hoping to get admitted into a coding school as a student.
The reason I’m doing this now is that unfortunately I was not accepted, but I had a blast being together with so many like minded people.
Having had so much fun has for sure made me want to get better at coding even more, so I am going to try and learn as much as possible while I try to get accepted into a formal type of education.
The coding bootcamp worked with C so I will be continuing with that language and start with some basics and go on from there.
And then move on to do challenges I find online or maybe switching to a different language.

Thank you for visiting.